Brussels Airport Terminal

At Brussels airport there is one Main Terminal divided in two areas: Concourse A (Pier) and Concourse B (Pier).

Passengers can reach these two piers from Arrivals and Departures Level.

In total, the airport has 109 gates.


The building is divided in several levels:

- Level -1: Railway Station

- Level 0: Buses and Taxis

- Level 2: Arrivals

- Level 3: Departures


Concourse A

Is the newest one at the airport and handles Schengen flights (gates A1-A60) and non-Schengen flights (gates T61-T72).

At the end of Concourse A (Pier) passengers can reach a transfer bus to go to Concourse B (B gates) At the second level there are some airline lounges.


Concourse B

It is only used for non-Schengen flights. The pier links directly with the Main Departure Hall through. On Level 3 there are gates from B1 to B40. On Level 0 there are gates from B80 to B98.

From Level 0 passengers can pick up the transfer bus that links with Concourse A (A and T gates).

On Level4 there are most of the shops, bars, restaurants and services.